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The computer industry has given birth to a whole
new language.  Here's an alphabetical list of some of the most common terms, some of which even your friendly eight-year-old knows.  Want to know the definition of a term that isn't here?  Ask us.

Affinity:  A natural attraction or feeling of kinship.

Applications   Software that is programmed to perform specific tasks. On your computer right now you probably have a browser application, such as Netscape, AOL, or MSN, a word processing application, an email application and so on.

Baud   The speed of a communications channel, such as a modem

Bookmark   Keeps a web address handy on your browser
Browser   Software that allows user to access and view web pages

Cache A temporary holding "area" for recently used documents or applications

Compact Disc   A disc on which a laser has digitally recorded information such as audio, video, or computer data
(aka microprocessor) The brain of the computer
Domain   Name of a computer on the Internet (Affinity HB's domain is

Email   Electronic mail

Firewall   Security measures designed to protect a network—can be hardware or software
Floppy Disk   A portable magnetic storage medium for computer data that allows users to randomly access information

FTP   File Transfer Protocol
  Approximately a billion bytes (or 1,000 megabytes)

Graphical User Interface, GUI (pronounced gooey)  Graphical symbols instead of text commands to control common computer functions such as copying programs and disks
Hacker  Someone who engages in hacking

Hacking   Persistent efforts to use a computer to gain illegal or unauthorized entry to another computer system

Hard Copy   A printed copy of computer output
Hard Disk   A fixed, large-capacity magnetic storage medium for computer data

  The physical components of the computer system

Homepage   Front page or entry point viewed on a website

HTML   HyperText Markup Language

HTTP   HyperText Transfer Protocol
Hyperlinks   Highlighted words that take you to another page

Icon   A small picture or symbol representing a computer hardware function or component
Ink-jet Printer
  A type of printer that forms letters on the page by shooting tiny electrically charged droplets of ink

Input Device   The hardware that is used to pass information into the computer, such as a mouse, keyboard or scanner
Laser Printer   A printer that uses both laser and photographic technology to produce high quality output

Megabyte   Approximately a million bytes

Modem   Device that allows your computer to talk to other computers over a telephone line
Motherboard   A large printed circuit card that contains the microprocessor, the BIOS, sockets for the CPU's RAM and a collection of slots that auxiliary cards plug into
System of linked computers and other devices that allows computers to share and exchange information

Output Device   The hardware that receives and displays information coming from the computer (monitor, printer, etc.)

RAM   (Random Access Memory) The computer's working memory

ROM   (Read Only Memory) The permanent memory that is built into your computer

URL   Uniform Resource Locator, aka internet address

Virus   Program designed to attach itself to other programs; can damage data files and cause system failures
WWW   World Wide Web

Coming soon....Routers, surge protectors, sound cards, video cards, NIC cards, power supply, drivers, OS, ethernet, server, fan, BIOS, and more.... 


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